Yungblud’s covers David Bowie’s tune Life On Mars? for NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover landing.

Yungblud’s cover of David Bowie’s Life on Mars? was chosen to soundtrack NASA’s livestream following the Perseverance Mars Rover’s touchdown on the Red Planet.

The David Bowie Estate offered the cover of the 1971 song to celebrate the event. 

Yungblud performed Life on Mars? during last month’s A Bowie Celebration: Just For One Day! concert produced by Mike Garson and Rolling Live Studios. The performance appeared during the NASA livestream at 2 hours, six minutes.

Yungblud said: “To sing the pinnacle song by an artist that truly defined my whole existence, in a search for extraterrestrial existence was one of the best moments of my entire life. The punx went to Mars!”

“It was amazing working with Yungblud and I’m honoured that Rolling Live, Mike Garson, and Bowie Band alumni got to play a part in bringing an iconic song to mark this historic moment,” said Kerry Brown, CEO/founder of Rolling Live Studios. 

Perseverance is set to collect Martian rock and sediment samples to bring back to Earth, in the search for signs of ancient microbial life, paving the way for human exploration beyond the Moon. 

Blur were previously chosen to soundtrack the Beagle 2 Mars mission in 2003, although the British Mars lander failed to make contact.

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