Adele releases highly anticipated single ‘Easy On Me’

Six years after the release of her previous album ‘25’, Adele is back and ready to pull on our heart strings once again with her lead single ‘Easy On Me’ from her upcoming album ‘30’, set to release on November 19th

The singer-songwriter’s return has been highly speculated since the beginning of October when an array of billboards appeared across the word from London, Paris and even New York bearing the number 30, following the same pattern as her previous album titles 19, 21 and 25. The Adele frenzy was in full swing with #Adele30 trending on Twitter as fans anticipated the 15-time Grammy winners return.

Quick to confirm these rumours, Adele changed her profile pictures to match the teal blue background from the billboards, alongsidereleasing a snippet of the music video of her lead single, showing similarities to the black and white cinematography of ‘Hello’, the lead single from ‘25’.

Before the tracks release date, Adele spontaneously played a snippet of the song on her first Instagram live, finally hinting at what new beginnings her post-25 album will bring. Little did we know we were listening to the opening verse of the song; a slow meditative piano arrangement that explores both despair and healing:

“There ain’t no gold in this river/ That I’ve been washing my hands in forever/ And there is hope in these waters/ But I can’t bring myself to swim when I am drowning in this silence/ Baby, let me in.”

She was quick to turn the track off before saying Oop, my phone’s already buzzin’, I’m [gonna] get in trouble…” in reference to her management team.

After officially parting ways with her ex-husband in 2019, ‘Easy On Me’ offers both an explanation and an insight into the singers most turbulent period of [her] life”, the decision to walks away from her marriage, while asking her son and ex-husband for understanding: 

“I changed who I was to put you both first / But now I give up / Go easy on me, baby / I was still a child/ I didn’t get the chance to feel the world around me”

Speaking to Vogue about ‘Easy On Me’, the British singer revealed how the song recalls her fraught childhood, her lost marriage and the lesson learnt and unlearnt about family, love and abandonment along the way. “I wanted to explain to [my son] through this record, when he’s in his twenties or thirties, who I am and why I voluntarily chose to dismantle his entire life in the pursuit of my own happiness”.

The track certainly ticks all the Adele-eske boxes of powerful vocals and piano-driven ballads, however this time Adele has stepped it up again, revealing that this album is her most personal release to date. With its sombre piano backing that gradually becomes more strident as the song progresses, we get a sense of cathartic empowerment from Adele about sharing her inner unhappiness and suffering.

In a short passage posted online detailing the creation of her upcoming album, Adele confirms these feelings: “I’ve learnt a lot of blistering home truths about myself along the way. I’ve shed many layers but also wrapped myself in new ones”

This transition of “self-destruction” and “self-reflection” is also evident in her music video, directed by Xavier Dolan. The video transitions from black and white to full colour confirming that she no longer needs to feel guilty for putting herself first in her marriage dismantlement. 

It’s at no surprise that this was the first track Adele wrote for her forthcoming album, exposing her deepest turmoil’s the year she was 30. “I didn’t write anything else for six months after because I was like Okay, well, I’ve said it all”. Lucky for us, we have a whole album to look forward to in the upcoming weeks! 

While Easy On Me is very much a traditional Adele ballad of heartbreak and redemption, there have been many hints that the rest of the album will showcase a more experimental side to Adele (probably not that drum and bass album we werepromised in 2019). However, according to Vogue one track samples a hypnotic beat that is reminiscent of electro-pop act Goldfrapp. We’re certainly ready for the biggest-selling female artist of the 21st century to play havoc with our emotions and to deliver the latest chapter in her life as one of pops greatest emoters.  Here’s counting down to the 19th November!

Words: Nicole Horwood

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