Dylan Fraser captures his frustrations and packages them up into a beautiful, dark and mysterious metaphor.

Dylan Fraser’s most recent project arrives in the form of ‘Vampire’ featuring the Montana-born artist Alaska Reid. After releasing her 2020 debut album Big Bunny after touring extensively around LA,  Fraser reached out to Reid after meeting at a Charli XCX show to work together on several songs. 

Produced by Jonah Summerfield, “Vampire” will feature on Dylan’s 2030 Revolution EP along with previous singles “It Took A Lot To Get To This” and “Apartment Complex On The Eastside”.

Writing on themes of lust and mania, Vampire is the perfect personification of the overwhelming feeling of yearning for that someone. ‘Im a vampire and you’ve got the sweet blood’ the opening lines sing, with a deep intoxicating, effortless energy. Despite its fictional surface, the songwriting is meaningful and poetic, “I love nothing more than to hold you close, but I suffocate the ones I love the most”. A vulnerable and honest nod to the realities of love and the sides we inevitably show to the ones who know us most, Fraser captures these frustrations and packages them up into a beautiful, dark and mysterious metaphor.

Distorted electric guitar paired with the echoes of snares and a thumping kick leave the track laced with tinges of 90’s nostalgia grit, yet still maintaining its uniqueness and modern experimentalism.

“Talk to you, trickle back, tenderness, back to back”, is sang drenched in distortion to close out the track, melodies slightly dark and menacing. Fraser is able to paint vivid pictures with his lyrics using few words, showcasing his strong songwriting ability and ‘outside of the box’ concepts.

Fraser said of the single, “This song is about feeling like you’re a bad person to someone you love. When you love someone, you show them every side of yourself, even the bad parts. Sometimes, I think you tend to lash out at people you love the most but it’s only because you feel comfortable enough to let your frustration or upset out around them, but it can leave you feeling like you’re a bad person; a liability, over the top. Who knows, maybe even a vampire, a monster….”

Dylan Fraser is certainly cementing himself as a household name within the industry. With the recent appearance on the Travis Mills show on Apple Music as well as performing for BBC Radio1’s Future artists live sessions, Fraser is rapidly gaining an established fan base, with over 139k followers on instagram. 

We can’t wait to hear Dylans 2030 Revolution EP, as well as his future releases and performances, as he continues to progress in his exciting career path.

Words: Harry Roberts

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