Adam Melchor- Begin Again

The young, new-and-up-coming artist Adam Melchor, displays true potential in his newly released music. Having recently been signed to ‘Warner Music’, Melchor is unsurprisingly beginning to gain well-deserved recognition within the music industry. His 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify attest to his growing popularity, in the genre of folk-pop music. 

His most recent single ‘Begin Again’ demonstrates his far-reaching capacity. Although his discography usually consists of melodies that are curated around a mellow, relaxing, fingerpicking guitar pattern, his latest work encompasses a lot more of a major, upbeat spirit. Starting the song off with a quick few palm-muted strums of guitar, followed by strong layered vocals, which sit nicely on top of the catchy guitar ostinato, the naturally flowing musicality of the introduction firmly establishes a cool and carefree attitude, which is consistent throughout the entire song. 

Melchor’s distinctive use of guitar plays a vital role in how he achieves a nostalgic feeling in ‘Begin Again’, which takes the listener on a journey through the universal experience of short-lived summer love; letting go of things you desperately long to hold onto. Yet he chooses to portray this feeling with optimistic and hopeful lyricism, ‘You said all good things must end, tell me they begin again’. The song captures abstract ideas of youth and innocence, as well as the blissful experience of exploration.

‘Begin Again’ is just one of the songs from Adam’s discography, which utilises his impressive skills of being able to write heart-warming words, which are beautifully crafted to strike a chord with anyone listening. ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Joyride’ are other notable examples, both of which feature similar levels of passionate lyricism. Although it’s difficult to define any single element which contributes to the song’s enchantment, it’s undeniable that the lyrics play a fundamental role in this, (not to take away from the value of the pleasing guitar melodies).  The track is ultimately brought to a close with delicate, fluttering, and subtle synths, bringing forward for the last time a feeling of nostalgia and reminiscence. As the sounds begin to fade, the track ends appropriately, on a pleasing-to-the-ear, sublime note. 

You can watch the official lyric video for ‘Begin Again’ below…

Words: Amy Wong

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