Alexander 23 – Oh No, Not Again! EP

The 19th of February 2021 saw the release of Alexander 23’s second EP, “Oh No, Not Again!”. The EP is a very personal one for Alexander, as quarantine lead him “to face some stuff from years ago”. Born in the discomfort of reliving the past, Alexander channels the theme of heartache into something more tangible, producing a nine-track disc that explores the rollercoaster that is romantic love; from pining for someone and learning everything about them to heartbreak and, ultimately, having to move on. The title reflects the theme of the EP as Alexander himself explains that “one rotation around the heart” is enough to make someone question just how many times they have to go full circle to find that special someone.

The EP begins with the poignant, hugely popular song “IDK You Yet”. Through voice and acoustic guitar Alexander asks the listener how you “can miss someone you’ve never met”; going on to say that he needs them now but how he doesn’t know them yet. It becomes apparent as the EP continues with songs like “Cry Over Boys” and “Brainstorm” -the latter of which sounds like a track Yungblud would release- that Alexander is aware that you give parts of yourself to everyone but that there is only so much of his heart left to give away. Alexander musically explores the notion that “there is a void in you and you don’t know who or what is gonna fill it but you know there is a piece of you missing”.

Featuring on the fourth track of the EP “Nothing’s the Same” is the hit artist Jeremy Zucher, and the two musicians depict what the last year has been like for most of us due to Covid19. In an interview on the Zach Sang Show Alexander explains that we don’t do anything with happiness but that sadness can inspire us to paint, write and get creative. The second half of the EP reflects this as Alexander writes songs such as “She Loves Me” and “Come Here And Leave Me Alone” – a song with relatable, honest lyrics accompanied by catchy yet dreamy melodies, that details our tendencies to push away the people we love, with juxtaposing lyrics such as “come here and leave me alone, love me but don’t get too close”.

In these songs, Alexander adjusts to the “post-breakup world”, and we see him navigate through this in his music. By the last song on the EP, “Track 9”, he seems to have reached a better place and there is a sense of catharsis, calling it “the most meaningful song” he has ever written. We as listeners finish the 360-degree rotation with him as he muses that he hopes “we’ll find the piece we’re missing in the missing pieces”. This EP will undoubtably be the missing piece for a lot of listeners out there, and we can look forward to a full length album from Alexander 23 in the near future.

You can listen to the official 9 track EP below…

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