Alfie Templeman – One More Day

“One More Day, like all of Templeman’s releases, is truly spell binding

British singer/songwriting superstar Alfie Templeman is only 18 years old, yet remarkably has released 4 wildly successful EPs since 2018. His new hit single ‘One More Day’ is no different, already surging in popularity.

Emerging from silence are some muted synth chords at the start of this song, giving an ethereal atmosphere. As the RnB-style drum beat kicks in, the mood shifts to laid-back and relaxed. Templeman’s mellow vocals blend beautifully with the soundscape— the added distortion adds a unique edge to his sound. The indie melodic lines work beautifully with the lush chord progressions beneath them.

To indicate the climax of the chorus, the melody ascends in register, creating an emotive and slightly melancholic line. There is a feeling of yearning through the repeated melodic patterns here and the voice distortion sweetens it. Some of the instrumental layers allude to Lo-fi, showing Templeman’s broad range of stylistic influence, as well as his talent in combining influences in order to develop a novel sound.

When a female voice enters with a harmony line above the chorus, the track really takes off. The thicker texture here adds to the sense of intensity, and the harmony line accentuates the beauty of the main melody. Following this is a contrasting bridge, the texture strips back to a cappella, with some background white noise, making this section very atmospheric. Improvised electric piano lines fill around the melodies, and the synth chords return quietly.

The drums then cut through and lead us back into the chorus. Vocal embellishments from both Templeman and the female singer add climax and complexity to this chorus, allowing the texture to become more intricate. The track comes to an end with a whispery vocal line, leaving the instrumental lines to close.

‘One More Day’, like all of Templeman’s releases, is truly spell-binding. Templeman has proved once again why his success in the music industry continues to grow so rapidly. This song will clearly be a hit at any of his live shows to come.

Words: Alice Hill

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