Andrew Thomas- Backs Against the Wall

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Andrew Thomas has released his second album ‘Backs Against the Wall’, treating listeners to 8 tracks (and 1 acoustic version) of beautifully honest song writing. The title of the album is taken from the fifth track “Public Servant” with Thomas stating that ‘the title for the album was easy. How better could I sum up 2020’.  

“Public Servant” is definitely a stand out track on the album, with an acoustic version also included in the track list. Beautiful acapella harmonies and acoustic guitar morph into a joyful instrumental of piano, guitar and drumming, expertly produced. The track is also highly relevant to our current climate, commemorating those in society who act as “public servants”. The first verse is as a tribute to health care workers, describing the hard work of a nurse with lyrics such as:  

‘just another day as a servant, she’s been out on her feet. Caring for the broken and poorly, working 6 days a week’  

 Talking about “Public Servant’” on his Instagram page (@andrewthomas_83), Thomas states:  

‘my appreciation for our hard working NHS/Emergency Services has always been huge so I decided to write a song. A thank you.’  

“Backs Against the Wall” is brimming with authentic, sincere and romantic song writing accompanied by serene guitar riffs and steady drumlines. Every track showcases Thomas’ proficiency on the guitar as well as his ability to articulate his emotions through song.  

Writing and recording the project during Lockdown with a Canadian producer remotely, “Backs Against the Wall” is a perfect example of what good can come from having time on your hands. Each track is polished and cleverly produced, with “Homeless Star” beginning with a peaceful bird song and acoustic guitar, and “Coming Back for More” boasting a more rounded production, compared to the other more acoustic tracks. Belting drums, piano and guitar give the listener the feeling of attending a live gig, something we have all sorely missed.  

Overall, “Backs Against the Wall” offers a refreshingly unpretentious and honest alternative to a music industry often filled with over-production and gimmicks and is well worth a listen…

Words: Leila McGrorty

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