Bandit – Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything

A shot of indie adrenaline, ‘Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything’ is the explosive new single from Liverpool quartet Bandit. Originally from Preston (or as they coin it, De-Preston), the band released their sixth single in February. The track travels with the pace and energy of a raucous Saturday night. With early Arctic Monkeys aura and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the song explores a night on the lash intertwined and concluded with romance. 

Formed at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, the 2019 international songwriting competition winners manage to capture the essence of reckless youth, immediate infatuation and a night under the influence, with clever lyricism and a catchy repetitive bridge, the track offers an insight into a relatable night out we’ve all been reminiscing about in lockdown. 

Lead singer Nat Waters said of the track:  “A vague aroma of peppermints may only disguise the truth of a cigarette flavoured kiss, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants – terrible decision or not.” 

With pulsing guitar riffs and thumping drums, ‘Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything’ is a head banger and bound to be a floor filler for Bandit. Definitely a track to turn to max volume, the energy is undeniable, and leaves fans eagerly awaiting more from the indie outfit. You can check out the official audio of ‘Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything’ below…

Words: Benedict Shirley

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