Banes World – Annie

‘Annie’, the newest release from Banes World, the group out of Long Beach, California lead by Shane Blanchard and other members; Michael Seyer, Vincent Reyes, Eric Baisa and Antonio Aiello is finally here following a long hiatus following the scandal in 2020.

Released March 31st, ‘Annie’ was produced and written by Shane Blanchard, Bane World’s frontman, singer songwriter and guitarist. The new dream pop single stays true to the synth infested alternative indie pop, with a somewhat 60s/70s rock sound that the group is recognised for.

‘Annie’, is introduced by an arrangement of soft guitars and swelling synths coupled with sensual and hazy vocals which create a dreamy and serene atmosphere which lulls the listener much like a lullaby into a hypnotic dream like state. The lyrics are focused around love and affection, depicting a romantic relationship in which Shane’s lover has no idea of how he really is nor how people think he is, distancing her.

Annie doesn’t know me that well
But she knows me, better than they do,
he sings in the first line.

In a previous interview back in 2017, Shane stated that “a lot of my tunes are about love, finding it, or losing it, and either way, to me, that’s kind of a sad thing”. In ‘Annie’ this is no different as he searches for love in which he is understood and seen as the person he is and this is clear from the instrumentations alone which reflect the hopeless, optimistic romantic he is.

Listen to ‘Annie’ by Bane’s World down below:

Words: Patryk Bialkowski

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