Benny Atlas – Honey Rum EP

Benny Atlas’ first EP, ‘Honey Rum’, couldn’t have come at a better time. Sexy soulfulness in fourteen fine minutes, Benny delivers a delicious blend of laid-back beats that allows you to sink into a bath of his melodies. Opening with ‘Paradise‘, it’s light, it’s bouncy and you can almost taste the first post-lockdown pint on your lips.

Supposedly representing the four stages of a relationship (which oversimplifies the mayhem found in most of them!), ‘Keep You‘ is perhaps the only track that truly resonates with this ambitious story arch. Not only does Atlas capture the possessiveness we often feel in newfound love, but he also recognises how it is often presented as smoothing and sweet, when it’s actually intoxicating: emphasised by the hallucinatory tone of the song.

As if the EP couldn’t get any smoother, along comes Atlas’ visualiser for ‘How You Dare’. A sultry cigarette gradually burning out: the only glimmer we get of Atlas (unfortunately) is his chewed down, pretentiously musician-like, fingernails. Whilst it can be read more poetically as the collective burnout of 2020, Benny Atlas’ aesthetic screams Urban Outfitters Spring/Summer 2021 rather than tortured artist- but frankly, we’re here for it.

Finally, ‘Silly Games‘ exposes the fluidity of Atlas’ voice, allowing us to melt into the madness of the relationship. An R&B nod – the outro of the song feels rather nostalgic, reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘If You Had My Love’ banger. This sensual blend sums up the mental games we play on our loved ones. Although the Earth, Wind & Fire influence that his Spotify bio professes isn’t present in this project, Atlas’ first solo EP signals great things to come from this Wolverhampton beau.

You can listen to his first track ‘Paradise’ as well as the rest of his EP ‘Honey Rum’ below..

Words: Leah Montebello

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