BPMoore – More Than This

The track dances between the lines of simplistic and complex. Genre-defying yet familiar

London based multi-instrumentalist and producer Ben Moore, more known as BPMoore, has released the collaborative new single ‘More Than This’. 

Mixed by Sara Carter / Master by Nathan Moody / Photography by Rebecca Wolf / Design by Andoni Georgiou

Working alongside composer, producer and double bass player Maciej Sadowski, the Gdansk based musician brings a level of classical maturity to the track, playing over 100 concerts a year on international stages, and regularly working alongside Universal Music, Warner Music, Prime Video and Netflix, the calibre of talent is evident when working alongside BPMoore.

Queue the classically trained violinist, composer Swedish singer-songwriter Annasara. Inspired by the Neo-classical and French impressionistic era of music, she brings an angelic top line and violin instrumental to what is an ethereal and beautifully modernistic track.

Citing some of BPMoore’s musical influences as The Cure, The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Lau, and Talk Talk, his music blends the ages of music together well.

An accomplished musician, BPMoore is known to be a skilled drummer and prolific composer, constantly playing with electronic and acoustic instrumentation, ultimately forging what is a unique electronic / neo-classical sound.

As you listen to BPMoore’s pool of sumptuous soundscapes, you realise there’s a comforting nostalgia to his work. 

Featuring an array of light and dark electronic ambiance, ‘More Than This’ gives listeners the full cinematic auditory experience. The track dances between the lines of simplistic and complex. Genre-defying yet familiar. Dynamic percussion splashed in a little reverb captures your attention straight away. Liquid synths soon accompany delicate, airy and effortless vocals. Layered in experimental electronica and enriched with string instrumentation, such as cello and double bass, ‘More Than This’ is a diverse dream to the ears, experimenting with new sounds appealing to a spectrum of listeners, ranging from classical music theorists to fans of techno and trance. 

‘More than this’ speaks to the reminder that life isn’t an insignificant experience, and there are many reasons to feel encouraged. On instagram, BPMoore says “This song, to me, is a positive reminder that there are so many details to notice, if I am switched onto finding them in my every day experiences; so many reasons to feel encouraged. So many signposts that can show me there is “more than this”. The track is an appealing metaphor of this statement, littered in complex creative sonic detail that makes life that little bit better. 

You can see why BP Moore’s tunes has lead him to work with a range of musical artists and filmmakers. His work garnered the attention of both Spotify (“Not Quite Classical”, “Reading Instrumentals”, “Classical X”, “Classical New Releases”, “Shimmering Strings”, “Soundbeams”), Apple Music (“Pure Focus”) and secured repeated radio play (KEXP, Soho Radio London, BBC) and significant, well-deserved press coverage.

We are excited to see what more, BPMoore, has to offer, as his list of collaborations, fan base, and catalogue of music grows. 

Words: Harry Roberts

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