Brent Faiyaz – Show U Off

Baltimore based rapper and singer Christopher Brent Wood, or better known by his stage name – Brent Faiyaz has released his latest single, ‘Show U Off’, following a string of popular releases that his fans just can’t get enough off…

The new delicate love ballad dropped March 12th, and couldn’t have come at a better time, as Brent delivers an uplifting ode to women, just in time to celebrate International Women’s Month. The track is paired with a music video which features some of the significant women in his family, which Brent wants to show off and celebrate this month.

‘Show U Off’, is introduced by a dreamy arrangement of strings and keyboards, alongside silky smooth and soulful vocals, which in turn create an emotional tribute focused around love and affection, both familial and romantic. Brent’s unapologetic adoration of women is clear in his lyricism and is a fresh take on the portrayal of women in R&B/ Hip-Hop as they are often over-sexualised and devalued.

I know you ain’t lookin’, but if you’re lookin’

Then look no further
Because you’re worth it, girl
I got all this love for you
‘Cause you deserve it (Fuck ’em if they don’t see)
You’re Black and perfect
, he sings in the second verse.

Originally, Brent started his career on Soundcloud and gained attention from GoldLink following the release of his first single, ‘Natural Release’. Since then, he has received huge support on the social media platform Tik Tok, with his track ‘Gravity’ featuring Tyler the Creator and Steve Lacy. As well as the unreleased single, ‘Wish You Well’ which has been used as the background sound behind many viral videos.

It is quite clear that Brent is certainly heading in the right direction as he experiments with various sounds, lyrics and features. Undoubtedly a name to keep your eye on.

Listen to ‘Show U Off’ down below:

Words: Patryk Bialkowski

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