Caribou – You Can Do It

With over 20 years in the music industry, Caribou is certainly not slowing down any time soon’.

Daniel Victor Snaith, aka Caribou, states on his profile on Spotify, “Do you make music? I always dreamed of being a musician. When I was starting out I had access to super basic equipment and don’t claim any special insight into music – just enthusiasm. If I did it, you can too.” His most recent track, ‘You Can Do It,’ creates an all-encompassing musical depiction of this statement. The song radiates and encourages Caribou’s enthusiasm for music, portrayed through a repetitive vocal loop of the title played overtop of blissful synthesizer riffs.

The Canadian electronic producer premiered this feel-good song at Green Man Festival over the weekend of August 19-22, marking Caribou’s first live performance in three years. Considering his last album Suddenly was released in 2020 just before the Covid pandemic hit, the tracks are only now being fully appreciated at live performances and festivals. ‘You Can Do It’ is a worthy accompaniment to his already impressive set list, promising almost 4 minutes of optimistic and upbeat listening.

The accompanying music video, directed by Richard Kenworthy of the collective Shynola, is just as jovial as the song’s message, displaying endless shots of tail-wagging, ear-flapping dogs chasing frisbees and jumping around. The almost comical slow-motion clips emphasise the light-heartedness of the song; Caribou reminds us that after all we’ve been through over the past year, sometimes all we need is a simple but catchy tune to bounce around to!

With over 20 years in the music industry, Caribou is certainly not slowing down any time soon. Considering his UK headline tour will be kicking off in October 2021 with 10 shows confirmed across the UK, there will certainly be many more moments for ‘You Can Do It’s’ positive and stress-free vibes to be enjoyed. 

Words: Taylor Ehrlich

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