Charlotte Jane – Refuge EP

In her latest release of 2021, and her second EP to date, singer-songwriter Charlotte Jane takes us on a five-song heartbreak journey. With spots at both TRNSMT and the Isle Of Wight Festival later this year, alongside plays on BBC Radio 1 and 2, Charlotte Jane continues to shine brighter with each release.

Somewhat an old soul in a young body, the maturity of both her composition and lyrical storytelling is evident from the first to the final note, beginning with the track Get It Right which was penned early in her career.

The EP sees the return of two recent releases – Get It Right and Down Days – alongside three newcomers; all of which feature Charlotte Jane’s angelic vocals. Never failing to incorporate the catchiness of pop music, along with the melancholic undertones of soul music, each track is captivatingly moving.

The singer explains that: “At its core Refuge is about the frustration of wanting to love and support someone through a tough time, but how you can’t force someone to open up to you. Especially when it’s a mental health struggle or aftershocks from a past trauma, supporting someone can feel like a spectator sport sometimes. You can see the pain playing out but you can’t get involved unless they invite you.

“I thought I was writing it about other people, then realised I could, subconsciously, be talking to myself.

“This collection of songs signifies such a huge, monumental shift in my life. I feel like you can hear me carving out my own safe space in real time. Setting boundaries in life and love, coming to terms with my mental health, learning to be kinder to myself and to assert myself in all of my relationships. My first EP was reckoning with insecurity and trying to figure out how the hell to navigate growing up. Refuge is me settling into my own skin and getting comfortable living in it.”

The opener follows a single, forlorn Charlotte, who ultimately becomes much stronger when trying to help her significant other in the title track. Facing her insecurities in both Down Days, and Baby Steps, the singer provides the ultimate soundtrack for growing up, before closing with a Jordan Mackampa duet. Her compelling vocals work harmoniously with those of Mackampa who ensures the simple yet sensational composition is one that urges you to listen.

Refuge is an EP that highlights the seemingly boundless potential of Charlotte Jane and confirms that she is one of the brightest up-and-coming stars.

You can watch the official music video for ‘Refuge’ below…

Words: Lauren Whitehead

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