Cody Frost – Verbal Warnings

Singer-songwriter and tattoo artist Cody Frost has released her debut single ‘Verbal Warnings” alongside an official video which perfectly melds her unique style and personality together.

Released February 26th, the new long-anticipated track was put together with the help of Dan Weller, whose previous work includes the likes of SikTh and Cody’s favourite band since the age of 15, Enter Shikari.

Cody’s fanbase has waited for years for her to release her own original music after listening to her versions of songs by Frank Ocean, Nirvana and Slipknot on YouTube at 13; to supporting and following her journey on The Voice at the age of 18, its finally here!

‘Verbal Warnings’ is introduced by the elegant and unadorned piano which blends seamlessly with the soft and passionate vocals lulling the listener deceptively into a false sense of what to expect. As suddenly, the beat drops into a clash of electro-pop drums and distorted vocals, transporting the listener to a different dimension.

Frost’s lyrics are a reflection of her own experiences and journey to becoming who she is today. From heady highs and crashing lows, despair and disillusionment, self-care and catharsis. ‘Verbal Warnings’, is a lyrical fuck you to her boss when she was working at a kids soft play area who assumed that she’d tolerate his condescension for the sake of her job.

“I’ve sang all my life and my mum never taught me but we were always encouraged to be musical and artistic. It is release, it is a form of expression. This is mainly about me breaking myself into writing music, there’s been different emotions and different extremes in all of them and I feel like a lot of them on the face are very pop passing, but they all have like a deep under meaning”, said Cody.

You can watch the official music video for ‘Verbal Warnings’ below…

Words:| Patryk Bialkowski

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