Connie Campsie – You’re the Problem

‘You’re the Problem’ is the latest release from Connie Campsie following on from ‘Watching from the Beach’ back in July. Born to musical parents; singer Beverley Craven and lyricist Colin Campsie,  Connie Campsie is carving out her own path and proving herself as a fast-rising new name.

With musical influences ranging from Carole King and Jackson Browne to Taylor Swift, it’s clear that strong singer-songwriters resonate deeply with Campsie, which shows through her own work with strong, empowering lyrics that connect with listeners. Commenting on her writing process for ‘You’re the Problem’, she mentions; 

The vocal melody came first as I was writing this… I usually speak in gibberish when I’m coming up with top lines, but it often ends up informing where the syllables fall and then it’s just colouring in. I jot down any ideas that come to me at the top of the page and sometimes they get used, sometimes they don’t.

Giving insight into the thought process of a musician/lyricist and how a finished track looks in the early stages, is a rarity not many are willing to share and is what makes Campsie seem so down-to-earth and likeable to her fans. She addresses heartbreak in her latest track, with lyrics; “There’s not another place, where you can lose yourself, admit that you need help and not just someone else…” and “…understand that you’re the problem, you don’t need someone else to love you.”

Her ethereal voice guides the track, paired with the acoustic guitar throughout to help drive the upbeat tempo. The spoken and slightly faded vocals in some sections, layer over the music and add emotion and depth to this piece, proving that this is one musical talent that will only grow. Campsie has once again teamed up with producer Matt Ingram on ‘You’re the Problem’, and the duo don’t disappoint, this hit you’ll definitely have on repeat.

Words: Danielle Emmett

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