Dominic Fike, Paul McCartney – Kiss Of Venus

Originally released in 2020, with McCartney III, Kiss of Venus is a simple piece showcasing McCartney’s undisputed, everlasting talent in songwriting. 

The album containing this original piece was the 18th solo album by McCartney, and was critically acclaimed from fans to music critics. The premise of the song is written about a book of the movement of planets; “A little book of coincidence in the solar system”. 

The original piece is composed of vocals, guitar and harpsichord reminiscent of his early work that he continues to bring to life throughout all of his music, and just as the predecessors, the instruments were all performed by himself. 

In early march 2021, McCartney made an announcement that this 2020 album is to be given a ‘Reinterpretation’, to be performed track by track from different established albums. ‘The Kiss Of Venus’ is the first track to be released, giving us just a taste of what is to come for the rest of the album. 

Performed by Dominik Fike, the Singer-songwriter who is known for his popular music in the genre of alternative R&B. His biggest success was the hit song ‘3 Nights’. That amassed over 500 million listens on Spotify and the album it was featured on became platinum. 

Fike performed this song similarly to its original, with a simple arrangement, vocals, keyboard and drums, that gave a stronger flow to the track although it is keeping to its origins, only with his definitive style at the face of it. 

It is expected that the other tracks for this ‘Reinterpretation’ are to be released very soon and is sure to be as great as this track. 

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