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UK electronic duo Dusky, consisting of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman, have released new single ‘Local Newspaper’ along with the announcement of their third album titled ‘JOY’. Which the pair have described as a:

‘Celebration of a communal ecstasy of the dancefloor experience’

This new material definitely fits the bill, creating blissful visions and recollections of dancing at a festival or rave. The catchy piano riff, thumping bass and ethereal synths, characteristic of the duo, make it easy to imagine Dusky dropping this track as the sun is setting, for a crowd of elated fans at a summer festival.

Dusky themselves describe the track, on their Instagram (@duskymusic) as a:

‘Unapologetically euphoric piano banger and has been a big moment in our recent DJ sets’

Tracks like this are just what we need when we have been kept from the communal dance floor for so long and Dusky are no newcomers to creating dance worthy anthems which gain acclaim. They released their first album ‘Stick By This’ (2011), which was labelled as one of the albums of the year by Pete Tong, and since then Dusky have constantly supplied bangers, such as ‘Careless’ ‘Skin Deep’ and ‘Ingrid is a Hybrid’. They have now even set up their own label 17 Steps on which they now release their own material.

Their unique and highly infectious take on melodic deep house sets them apart. They manage to combine thumping techno basslines with euphoric and soaring synths and vocals, making their music simultaneously punchy and emotional.

Dusky are apparently looking to explore a variety of genres under the dance music spectrum on their new album, including more retro ones, with previous single ‘E-Dawn’ channelling UK jungle and the boys stating that the album will be a ‘journey back to more innocent times’.

‘JOY’ will be released on their own 17 Steps label this November.

Words: Leila McGrorty

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