Elder Island – Purely Educational

‘Purely Educational’ is the latest track from the genre-defying trio, Elder Island. It joins previous songs, ‘Feral’ and ‘Small Plastic Heart’, as precursors to their hotly anticipated ten-track album: ‘Swimming Static’, due this month on 28th May 2021.

Offering a sense of introspection peppered with feel-good pop samples, the song broaches the feeling of limbo many might currently be experiencing. Beginning with the words: ‘Having a party now, Having no place to go…’, it feels like an encouragement to try and find the good moments in difficult times.

David Havard (guitarist/keyboardist) and Luke Thornton (bassist/programmer) deftly accompany Katy Sargent’s recognisable, haunting, reverb-vocals as they glide through synth-y piano chords, and funky bass guitar backbeats. The intelligent precision of the band’s musicality peaks in the enlivening chorus:

Honey baby, you’re a fighter, fighter,

Make all the lights shine brighter

This is repeated to become almost chant-like by the end of the track, making for a notably catchy and uplifting hook.

Their poetic lyricism, paired with an energetic, neo-soul melody creates a hypnotic eighties-like dance rhythm. It seems to draw on memories of past nights out, elevating the mood with its mix of cool house, indie feeling, and dreamy electronica.

According to the band, “Swimming Static is an album born of freeform musical expression, shaped by overcoming challenges and fortified by the severity of focus bestowed upon it. The album explores our disposition towards nostalgia and reflection…Within the tracks we learnt to apprehend and appreciate the turmoils of the present by looking elsewhere but all the time striving to pledge ourselves to the moment.”

Be sure to catch them on tour in the UK from October this year…

Words: Arabella Fenwick

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