ENNY – Same Old

Rising star ENNY continues to leave her growing mark on the UK rap scene following the release of her new single, ‘Same Old’: a lo-fi, soulful track layered with hard-hitting verses that discuss the pain of complicated love, the shadows of Brexit and the day-to-day struggles of simply existing. A rapper and singer from South London, ENNY’s lyrics are powerfully shaped by her outspoken and unapologetic female voice.

The themes contained within ENNY’s music, such as the celebration of black beauty and individuality, have quickly made her an inspirational feminist icon in the wake of her growing and well-earned popularity. Despite being a relatively new artist, ENNY has already made a name for herself amongst the ever-developing UK scene. ENNY’s third and most successful release ‘Peng Black Girls’, featuring Amia Brave and first released in October 2020, has since been re-released as a remix that features the world renowned R&B darling, Jorja Smith. Since then, ENNY’s career and notoriety as a female force to be reckoned with has only continued to skyrocket.

The political overtones and unashamedly honest lyrics of ‘Same Old’ exhibit the consistency of ENNY’s expertly crafted artistry. Yet again, ENNY uses her voice and lyrics as ammunition, as her flawless, thought-provoking bars point a metaphorical trigger at British culture, gentrification and the superficialities of society. ‘Same Old’ re-establishes ENNY as a woman who not only defies social norms, but unhinges them. The 90s-esque beat of ‘Same Old’ balances the laid-back sounds of A Tribe Called Quest and J Dilla with perfect harmony. The slow hip-hop style percussion, relaxed guitar strings and soprano style background vocals creates the perfect environment for ENNY’s calm and crisp verses.

In a world riddled with chaos and inequality, ENNY is a breath of fresh air. The authentic lyrics and stripped back melody of ‘Same Old’ perfectly match the powerful identity that ENNY has single-handedly carved for herself. We predict big things for this lady.

Words: Hazel Thayre 

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