Fern. – Whatever This Is

The Filipino based artist Fern (Fern Tan) has released his comeback single ‘Whatever This Is’, following his hiatus as a producer working for the likes of Kakie Pangilinan, Nadine Lustre and TALA.

Released on February 26th, the new single was produced by electronic artist similarobjects and beatsmith Vinced. ‘Whatever This Is’ adds to a string of romance-themed releases, taking us on a dreamy, chilled out trip down love avenue. It is about plunging into a relationship uncertain of the outcome or full commitment to it; by taking on a more laidback attitude to dating, which can only be described as a ‘no label, no problem’ mantra.

The track is just about enjoying and being in the moment with a significant other, lover or friend. It makes the listener question the structure of a traditional relationships which chooses not to adopt to the traditional labels of ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ or ‘partner’.

“I just want to love you like I’m losing all my days, but whatever this is I want it”, he sings on the chorus.“The song was written about a personal experience of mine. Music has always been my way of facing my emotions and coming to terms with them. “’Whatever This Is’ is one of those songs that was made just because I wanted to let go of certain emotions and be okay with whatever I was feeling at the moment.”

“It’s just about being in a relationship but not knowing where it’s heading. Just enjoying and being in the moment”, Fern said in a statement.

Listen to ‘Whatever This Is’ below:

Words: Patryk Bialkowski

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