Finn Askew – Adidas

‘A tribute to his undeniable artistry, Askew showcases himself as one of the most exciting UK Gen Z artists on the up.”

Adidas’ is the latest single from British musician Finn Askew. Hailing from Wellington in South-West England, Askew is a rapidly emerging talent, having hit over 40 million Youtube views on his 2020 track ‘Roses’ already.

At a mere twenty years old, Askew is making waves in the industry with his fresh and melodic combination of emo rap and R&B. ‘Adidas’ is the latest chapter in his flourishing career, and has the foundations of a hit. The track leans on a guitar riff, with Askew’s impressive vocals delivering a memorable hook and chorus, resulting in a single so well executed, it feels parallel to the early work of Dominic Fike, Lil Peep and Post Malone. 

Speaking with CLASH, Askew discussed his ambitions to command listeners attention after just one play: 

“I wanted to make a song where after the first listen the listener would be able to sing back the chorus word for word, I feel like I accomplished that with ‘Adidas’! It’s a proper ear worm.’ 

Adidas’ explores chemical escapism, with the lyrics exploring romance amidst substance disillusion, resulting in the depiction of a Kurt and Courtney-esque relationship: ‘She just got Charlie in her Christian Dior, I just left the party, but I’m still high as before’

With his latest release, Askew has delivered a definite hit, an earworm that he set himself the challenge of creating, and it’s a tribute to his undeniable artistry, showcasing himself as one of the most exciting UK Gen Z artists on the up.  

Words: Benedict Shirley

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