Finn Askew – Tokyo EP

Up and coming Somerset artist , Finn Askew has released his EP ‘Tokyo’. The EP consists of 6 tracks which are bursting with catchy trap-style beats, melodic acoustic guitar riffs and Post Malone-esque rhymes.  

The two opening tracks, ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Adidas’ are equally as infectious. Finn has perfected the textbook 3 minute song, which after a couple of listens will be cemented solidly in your brain for the next 24 hours. Simple chorus lines mean these tracks will surely become crowd favourites. They have been crafted expertly for audiences to sing back, which they undoubtably will when Finn plays a sold out London show this month, also featuring fellow rising stars Enny and Tems.

The track ‘Paranoia’ has a more pop-punk vibe whilst ‘Grey’ has a hip-hop feel which signifies what an important influence Post Malone is upon Finn. The 4th track ‘Cherry Bomb’ switches up the vibe of the EP completely. The more stripped back production showcases Finn’s husky vocals and impressive falsetto. The track utilises a jazzy, R&B-style beat, fleshed out with a groovy bassline, which Finn rhymes and sings stylishly over. It’s the kind of song you’ll hit repeat on, over and over again.

The EP ends on the delicate and acoustic track ‘Daffodil’. It is a romantic and emotional love song with a soaring strings instrumental which swells before giving way to acoustic piano. This track only further shows off Finn’s impressive range and creates the feeling that the EP is complete and well rounded. It is actually hard to pinpoint which track in this EP is the standout; they are all distinctive, polished and catchy in their own right and form a comprehensive and professional body of work.

Finn Askew manages to seamlessly blend multiple genres into effortlessly memorable and captivating songs. Whilst his husky tone is comparable to Post Malone, or perhaps YUNGBLUD, the incorporation of a variety of genres in this EP, and even within the same track, including trap, pop-punk, R&B, pop-rap and more acoustic sounds, means Finn’s music is wholly unique. His distinctive street-style also means he always stands out from the crowd. With supporting slots for Mimi Webb and Holly Humberstone recently, and his first headline show this month, its surely not long until Finn is selling out his own headline tour.

Words: Leila McGrorty

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