Folamour, SG Lewis – Lost In Space

French Multi-instrumentalist, Folamour has teamed up with UK singer, SG Lewis on new groovy single ‘Lost In Space’ which was co-written by both artists as they shared their experiences of loneliness whilst touring internationally. Speaking about the track and the writing process with SG Lewis, Folamour has stated that: 

“I met SG Lewis at a party where we were both playing. I stayed in London for several days to record more vocals with him. It only took us a day to write the lyrics and put them into melody. Like me, he was familiar with this feeling of solitude with which we learn to live day by day, the absence of someone to share our sorrows and our tiredness, the emotions that run through us, but also our joys and our successes, trapped as we can sometimes be in this uninterrupted race between planes and concert halls.” 

Folamour is an accomplished musician, classically trained on the drums, guitar and percussion, resulting in his music always boasting complex but slick instrumentals and production. Past material has often drawn on jazz, dance and disco but does not limit itself to a single genre or sound. ‘Lost In Space’ is no exception. A groovy guitar riff,  starts off the track, before the instrumental of a deep-funk bassline, drums and disco-like synth kick in. SG Lewis’ vocals are delivered using a slightly distorted- autotuned technique. The result is a funky, disco-pop retro vibe which screams Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk. Folamour manages to incorporate many genres into his music, but one factor remains constant; his tracks make you want to dance.  

Although Folamour has released music featuring other artists, many of his tracks are instrumentals. The introduction of SG Lewis’ vocals are a welcome addition to ‘Lost In Space’ and fit the ambiance of the song perfectly. Working in the past with a range of artists including esteemed musician and King of funk, Nile Rodgers, on the track ‘One More’, SG Lewis’ has come to be known for his featuring vocals on deep house and funk tracks. His vocal is relaxed and effortless, fitting flawlessly with a rich, layered instrumental.  

Folamour is currently promoting his up-and-coming 3rd studio album ‘The Journey’, which will follow his 2019 album ‘Ordinary Drugs’, a collection of work which cemented his signature sound of jazz-infused, dance tunes. ‘The Journey’ was released on the 11th of June.  

Words: Leila McGrorty

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