Foo Fighters – Medicine at Midnight Album

The ‘Medicine at Midnight’ album is simply another example of the beauty and authenticity of the soul within the Foo Fighters.

Without any surprise, the album is loyal to the band’s sound and energy. It emancipates itself from any kind of criticism by doing simply that, and truly projects the real motifs of rock. Listening to the album really fills you with a sense of nostalgia that sucks you into that early naughties powerhouse sound. There are songs on the album that hold such a beautiful lyricism and have such a soothing essence. Whilst others you can just imagine Mr.Grohl doing what he does best and losing his mind on stage, whilst you are crammed between thousands of people at a festival, soaking wet in your wellies, in complete awe of this man. A perfect balance.

The faithfulness to the origins of rock music echo this whole album, with drawing in sounds from the early 2000s, all the way back into classic 80’s vibes like the sounds of ACDC. There are guitar solos within this masterpiece that make you unable to sit still, which I can vouch for as ‘Holding Poison’ made me extremely restive on the tube when I first heard it.

The whole album has power, soul, gravitas, and flair. The Foo Fighters are far from being out of their prime with this release; it’s safe to say this album could revitalise anyones love for rock music.

You can listen to the official full album, provided by RCA records below…

Words: Rae Bradford

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