Franc Moody – Losing Touch

Dust off your dancing shoes for Franc Moody’s new release, ‘Losing Touch’: a delicious hybrid of contemporary funk, electronic and disco. Ned Franc and Jon Moody, the masterminds behind the groovy Franc Moody sound, are a match made in disco-ball shaped heaven. Released on March 10th, ‘Losing Touch’ gives us a small but appetising taste of Franc Moody’s highly anticipated EP ‘House of FM’, expected to bless all mainstream music platforms on May 19th.

Franc Moody combines the syncopated rhythms of Daft Punk’s electric keyboards and the smooth basslines of Jamiroquia to create an addictive, neo-disco sound. When in live performance, Franc Moody inflates from two members to six, making their infectiously funky sound even more tantalizing. Because of this, Franc Moody have quickly become festival favourites with their crowd-pleasing beats.

From the very first second, the golden grooves of ‘Losing Touch’ board us on a wave-riding journey of euphoria. The beat-driven rhythm of ‘Losing Touch’ is, on paper, a typical disco track; electric piano, punchy bass, reverberated vocals and silky smooth synthesizers. But ‘Losing Touch’ is more than a piece of conventional discotheque; its progressive and experimental sound creates the perfect balance of the flare-wearing rhythms of 70s funk and the hypnotic patterns of acid-house. ‘Losing Touch’ also sprinkles a complimentary pinch of house to the mix, embedding progressive build ups and drops throughout.

To put it simply, ‘Losing Touch’ is a tune that makes it impossible for one to remain still. The cherry-sweet grooves will have your toes tapping, head bopping and mouth stretched into a contented grin without you even realising. Franc Moody have swooped to the rescue with this one, as ‘Losing Touch’ fills the heart with a feverish excitement for the approaching festival season and the good times ahead…

Words: Hazel Thayre

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