George Eve – I Don’t Mind

George Eve’s second single of the year comes in the form of I Don’t Mind; a catchy two-and-a-half-minute track that precedes the release of his debut EP, Burger The Exit, in May.

The singer began his career with the band Joy Room before becoming a solo artist and producer, working alongside the likes of Sam Duckworth, and honing his skills.

Staying true to his indie influences and uplifting summer vibes, George Eve returns with yet another toe-tapping easy listen. With vocals very similar to those of Ten Tonnes, and influence taken from The Black Keys and Benny Blanco,Eve’s voice drives the composition and urges the listener to sing-along.

The new single showcases Eve’s creativity, song writing and production, as it was created from a rough vocal demo recorded on his phone. He said: “I Don’t Mind was recorded outside as a quick demo. You can hear the birds at the beginning of the track. It was a simple acoustic song with an ‘everything’s gonna be alright sentiment’, holding two fingers up to anxiety and procrastination. I really liked what I caught in the demo, so for the next few months I tried to recreate it to improve the recording quality. However, it was impossible. I ended up editing the out-of-time guitar and drums, which were recorded with one mic in my attic to be in time with the vocals. It was a serious piece of computer-based editing, but it kept the original vibe that felt so special”.

Whilst delving into the production of bedroom-indie, the track provides the listener with an anthem that embodies the carefree feel of the coming summer months. Eve’s soft humming eases the listener in and is accompanied by the backing of an acoustic guitar and gentle percussion before effortlessly transitioning into the short and simple, yet indelible, chorus. Lyrically light-hearted and playful, Eve’s message to keep moving forward is strong; a life lesson conveyed with ease and not to be overlooked despite its simplicity.

I Don’t Mind is the perfect summer playlist addition and proves that George Eve is an artist placed well and truly on the indie radar, with nothing but promise on the horizon.

Check out the lyric video for ‘I Don’t Mind’ below!

Words: Lauren Whitehead

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