The Wandering Hearts – Gold

We were shocked when we realised The Wandering Hearts aren’t actually from America. Coming together in North London, they were allegedly discovered in less than half an hour after posting their first song on SoundCloud. Describing themselves as ‘free-spirited’, this beautiful trio capture the essence of British country music thanks to A.J. Dean’s croaky vocals and Chess Whiffin and Tara Wilcox’s melting melodies.

Gold, their recent single and part of their upcoming Sophomore album, feels like it belongs on a blissful afternoon set of a festival – the tune clearly captures the energy of English summers. Imagine, the sun is out in full force, the beer haze is just setting in, and you’re probably jigging around somewhere in the buzz of it all.

The Wandering Hearts’ sound is compared to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and The Shires, however these talented Brits are said to be conscious of avoiding faux-Nashville accents (staying true to their Crouch End beginnings). Whilst there are definitely some unnatural twangs, they fuse Mumford and Sons-esque folk with American country magically.

For me, the overall message of Gold is that our imperfections and flaws make us perfect, and therefore rich:

Scars are stories to be told/ By the way, by the way, all the broken pieces/Of your heart are made to be filled with gold/ So don’t hide away, hide away, hide away

Although this feels slightly ironic from a band as perfect looking and aesthetically pleasing as The Wandering Hearts (which is especially true when you see their accompanying music video), they are undoubtedly making waves on the Americana music scene. 

Words: Leah Montebello

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