GoldLink – White Walls

“Sustaining his familiar egotism, GoldLink talks a big game through his lyrics”

Two years after the release of his last album, Diaspora, GoldLink announces his latest material in the wake of a full-length project titled HARAM.

The drop of his first record of the album last month, White Walls, is accompanied by a trippy music video/visualiser. We see GoldLink blindfolded, encircled by a group of men, the footage spliced with jerky, warped images of warfare and urban landscape. Make your own analysis of the intended message here. 

A wonky piano melody is looped in the background, layered with strong, bass-heavy drumbeats, producer Rio effectively splices in GoldLink’s accomplished flows. The radio voice-effect adds gravitas to his lyrical discourse whilst echoing the sampled vintage speech bites and rousing chant vocals (not dissimilar to Kendrick’s sound e.g. DNA). It feels like an appropriate comeback track – well-produced with a hint of the experimental, and a long outro that leaves us wanting more.

Sustaining his familiar egotism, GoldLink talks a big game through his lyrics: “I’m a cult leader, culture leader”. Previously called out for incendiary comments and continued beef with various other artists, it’s no surprise he disdainfully spits: “F*** Sheck Wes” only fifty seconds in. He directly calls out the rapper with whom he’s had longstanding tension, starting in 2019 when GoldLink’s then girlfriend Justine Skye landed abuse accusations against Sheck. 

Featuring artists such as Flo Milli, Rich the Kid, NLE Choppa and more, stream HARAM – out now.

Words: Arabella Fenwick

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