Greentea Peng – Kali V2

Self-professed “psychedelic soul songstress” Greentea Peng has gifted us with the new single “Kali V2” from her forthcoming debut album “Man Made”. With a collection of single and EP releases in the past few years, South-East Londoner, Greentea Peng has come to be known for her tranquil and eclectic sound which incorporates genres such as reggae, jazz, soul and R&B.

Very much in touch with her own spirituality, every Greentea Peng track so far has felt like a sonic spiritual journey towards peace and serenity. “Kali V2” is no exception. A smooth R&B bassline, infused with a jazz element, accompanies Greentea Peng’s spoken word verses and soulful vocals, comparable to Eryka Badu and Lauryn Hill, a major influence of the singer.

With lyrics such as ’I am ready to make a new sound’ and ‘I can’t contribute to the lies in this fickle paradise’ Greentea Peng presents her desire to stand out from the crowd in the music industry, describing her impending debut album as ‘out of tune with the industry and in tune with the universe…this project fits no genre and is not to be easily digested by everyone’. Greentea Peng is carving her own path and bending to fit no genre or image. This is indicated by her highly creative and unique artistic style and appearance, shown in “Kali V2’s”accompanying video, which sees Greentea Peng wearing a military uniform, clashing wonderfully with her facial tattoos and piercings.

Greentea Peng is exciting and effortlessly cool as there is no one quite like her currently, in terms of her sound or her image. Her Instagram captions and album manifesto are refreshingly different in our age of social media and pop stars, filled with spiritual and psychedelic philosophies that you wish you understood, such as:

 “an exploration of self and sound…a product of shifting paradigms both inner and outer. An ultra-sonic trip. This album is an offering of healing, a provocation of Hu Man spirit soul”.

“Man Made” is set for release on June 4th 2021.

Words: Leila McGrorty

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