Greta Van Fleet – Heat Above

In their first release in two years, Michigan rockers Greta Van Fleet presented fans with ‘Heat Above’, preceding their highly anticipated third studio album ‘The Battle at Gardens Gate’, set for release in April this year. 

Never ones to shy away from orchestrating the epic, Van Fleet are taking their sound in a defiant new direction, moving away from Led Zeppelin comparisons that have followed them since their 2017 debut ‘From the Fires’, and in the first taste of their new sound, the band have very much defined themselves as a rock and roll here-to-stay, with their musicality maturing as the band progress. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, lead singer Josh Kiszka talks about how the band had aspired for their new album to resemble the scale of a film score, and they felt they now had the confidence and fan base to appreciate their ambition: “I think that will help people understand this particular album – because it’s a very sophisticated album. There is no doubt about it.”

Heat Above leaves the listener in a state of awe. With an androgenous music video soaked in mist and white cloth, Greta Van Fleet are a band reincarnated. An organ eases the track in, before the rolling drums and chunky guitar riff precede Josh’s powerful ringing vocals. With philosophical lyrics exploring themes such as war and nature, the track is a statement of the bands musical and spiritual evolution, their self awareness, education and their explosive progression to the top of contemporary rock. Heat Above is a must listen for any rock fan, and shows that not only are Greta Van Fleet keeping the candle burning, they’re starting new fires everywhere. 

You can watch the official music video for ‘Heat Above’ below…

Words: Benedict Shirley

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