Horsey – Seahorse

“Chintzy pianos, crashing guitars and Krule’s signature sleepy snarl, Horsey deliver lyrics that reek of alienation and anxiety”

King Krule makes a guest appearance singing on the newest release by Horsey, a South London band whose members include his own brother Jack Marshall alongside Jacob Read, Theo McCabe, and George Bass. 

Released May 14th, ‘Seahorse’ was written by band member Theo McCabe and Archy Marshall aka King Krule. The newest track was produced collaboratively by the band and the featured artist and comes alongside a black and white music video illustrated by Jack Marshall. 

‘Seahorse’ begins with soft yet dark reverberant keystroke and guitar pluck, sounding as if strung from the depths of the ocean floor. The pressure both in terms of instrumentation and mental health builds until it explodes into chintzy piano, crashing guitar and Krule’s signature sleepy snarl, delivering lyrics that reek of alienation and anxiety.

Hello, is there anyone in there?

Oh, the adverts, the TV

The sofa’s best friends for another week 

All of this but I still feel so empty inside, Archy sings in the verse.

The new haunting, dreamy and chant like song comes from Horsey’s upcoming album ‘Debonair’, which ends with ‘Seahorse’ and features previously released track ‘Sippy Cup’, described as “two mins of blissful insanity about living like a child” by director Edgar Wright. 

As for Archy Marshall, the brooding Londoner, ‘Seahorse’ is his first release since his acclaimed 2020 rock- art record ‘Man Alive!’, which dissected the persona of King Krule through brutal guitar and shouty vocals,

Listen to the newly released ‘Seahorse’ and watch the visuals down below:

Words: Patryk Bialkowksi

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