Inhaler – Cheer Up Baby

Inhaler’s first single of 2021 adds another indie masterpiece to their ever-growing discography, which is soon to see the arrival of their long-awaited debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ in July this year. Named as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record In The World’ this week, the Dublin four-piece have once again nailed the composition of a summer anthem down to a T – and with a 2021 tour just announced, they are sure to please with this established live fan favourite.

The heavy influence of 90s bands, such as The Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays, see the band able to build on their guitar-driven melodies, and also incorporate all the best bits into a modernised indie pop bop.

In an interview with NME, the band explained that the track was originally written and recorded when they were teenagers, however it has since taken on a meaning of its own in the last year. In the interview, lead singer Eli Hewson’s soft spot for the track shone through: “Lyrically, a lot of young people in these times are dealing with mental health issues and they can get stuck in their own heads. It’s about getting over yourself and if you’ve ever had a friend dealing with that kind of stuff, sometimes it’s as easy as reaching out your hand and talking. I think that’s what it means to us, cheer up baby. It’s a love letter to all our fans who are feeling isolated”.

‘Cheer Up Baby’ is undeniably a tune to be blasted out on repeat this summer. With a music video echoing that of The 1975’s ‘Girls’ – one that also meets a Jackson Pollock inspired Stone Roses theme along the way – it screams the influence of indie pop icons on the band. A lone guitar riff gets the track off to a captivating start and anticipates the build-up to the peak of a cathartic chorus. Hewson’s charming vocals, accompanied by the subtle and stable melody of both drums and bass, definitely feel like the voice of a needed lockdown friend. Lyrically, those on the receiving end are hypnotised by the possibility of deeper meanings behind the contradictory, yet harmonious, fun-loving tune.

‘Cheer Up Baby’ is a must listen for any indie pop fans out there and is arguably one of Inhaler’s best so far. Certainly lacking as much appreciation as they deserve, the band’s upcoming release should surely bring plenty of new music to shout about.

Words: Lauren Whitehead

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