Jake Isaac – Gold (feat India Arie)

Jake Isaac is no stranger to working with big names. His track record is impressive from working with British star Gabrielle, to opening on tour for Elton John. So, it’s no surprise that he’s collaborated with four-time Grammy winner India Arie on his most recent track ‘Gold’ which came out February 19th. This song follows three others that will appear on his upcoming album ‘Honesty’ which will be out in March. The London native has released a total of six EP’s and one studio album in the last nine years.

‘Gold’ is a soulful love ballad that follows two torn lovers. The song reflects on how a relationship can change and couples can drift away from each other, despite their initial wishes. There’s a sense of melancholy throughout, accompanied with delicate vocals, which for a second, make you forget that there is such a sadness to what is being sung. The track explores themes of love, from being consumed, “And the world would pass us by, but we never cared”, “Never was a time we stayed apart”. There’s also a desperation to what is being delivered, with both Isaac and Arie pleading in the chorus to one another, “Please don’t let go”.

As the song progresses, they resign themselves to the fact that their love may not last forever, “Maybe if we part, we might miss each other and maybe we can start again”. There’s a hopeful sentiment that even if they do drift, they’ll possibly find their way back to each other. There’s an optimistic sense conveyed throughout as they don’t want their love to end, but they are realistic about its possible fate, despite this potential tragic end, they still treasure each other, “Gold, I see you like gold”. The track is a beautiful, painful love song. Isaac and Arie have done a fantastic job of captivating such emotion. You can watch the official music video for ‘Gold’ below…

Words: Shannon Milmine

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