Jamie T – The Theory of Whatever album review

Jamie T does not disappoint in his latest album release “The Theory of Whatever.” This album has been long awaited with his last release being in 2018, fortunately it was worth the wait. The alt album delivers a combination of rap and rock with an alternative twist that he has been synonymous with for years.

We have a mellow introduction with “90s Cars” .The catchy repetitive bass line reflects the message of knowing one’s so-called vices yet remaining indifferent. The pace changes in “The Old Style Raiders” which delivers an upbeat rock tune where Jamie T questions the monotonous way we are programmed by society to live.

From the high energy “British Hell” we are met with syncopating rhythms in “The Terror of Lambeth Love.” This is then followed by 80s style synths in “Keying Lamborghinis” to the gentle ballad in “St.George Wharf Tower.” This is followed by the high energy “A Million & One New Ways To Die”

Stand out songs on the album include “Between The Rocks”, “Talk Is Cheap” : a stripped down ballad which switches focus to the introspective lyrics and “Old Republican” : a feel-good pop rock anthem.

This album sticks to strong rock elements and is well curated while still keeping the listener interested. The storytelling-like lyricism mixed with how It ebbs and flows rhythmically and melodically takes the listener on a journey where one can be fully immersed.

Words: Nina Bohata

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