Jordan Rakei – Lover, You Should Have Come Over

Jordan Rakei has released an enchanting cover of Jeff Buckley’s iconic ‘Lover, You Should Have Come Over’ ahead of his upcoming mix for Late Night Tales. Rakei, who notes Buckley’s masterpiece ‘Grace’ in his top five albums of all time, swaps the telecaster for a keyboard in this cover, and demonstrates a laid back display of his hauntingly beautiful vocals, while leaving behind some of the vulnerability imprinted in the song by Buckley. 

The track originally appeared on Buckley’s mesmeric album ‘Grace’ in 1994, and is cited as one of his most iconic tracks he presented to the world before his premature death in 1997. 

Rakei has curated the next compilation for Late Night Tales, who celebrate their 20th anniversary this year. Speaking in relation to the curation, Rakei stated: “I wanted to try and showcase as many people as I knew on this mix, my idea of Late Night Tales was to distil a series of relaxing moments; the whole conceptual sonic of relaxation.” 

In his re-imagination of ‘Lover, You Should Have Come Over’, Rakei encapsulates his ambition of producing sonic relaxation, and by trimming the song to a pleasant three minutes from Buckley’s original six, his stripped back version leaves us with the delicate beauty of Buckley’s lyricism intertwined with Rakei’s vocal prowess. 

Words: Benedict Shirley

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