Jorja Smith – Addicted

Jorja Smith’s latest single ‘Addicted’ has graced 2021 this week and sees the singer tap into her softer side, after almost a year since the release of politically fuelled ‘By Any Means’ in July 2020. Smith has visited heartache and heartbreak several times before on her 2018 debut album, ‘Lost & Found’, with the composition of ‘Addicted’ simply strengthening the certainty that she has a flair for mature and heartfelt song-writing.

In a press statement, Smith explains that the song is about love, infatuation, and how an unbalanced relationship can ultimately become destructive; the lyrics look at the idea of “focusing on wanting the full attention of someone who’s not giving enough (or any) when they should be”.

The accompanying video – which epitomises the realm of lockdown creativity – sees a self-directed Smith record herself via webcam “singing the song, having fun dressing up, not trying to be too serious and just giving [herself] more freedom”.

The tranquillity of a chime-sounding introduction lulls the listener straight into Smith’s romantic troubles and is very quickly accompanied by her sultry vocals to kickstart the verse. With an ample helping of atmospheric guitar riffs and the introduction of a lively drumbeat in the chorus, the tune shifts from each part to the next without fault. Smith’s lyrical genius is on full display as her new single deals with a much deeper and usually unexplored theme; whilst showing how she is constantly growing as a songwriter.

‘Addicted’ delivers exactly what fans of the singer have been missing this past year and undeniably confirms that the return of Smith’s poignant side is one to be welcomed with open arms.

Words: Lauren Whitehead

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