Jorja Smith – Gone

Jorja Smith’s silky smooth vocals grace us once more as she releases ‘Gone’ her latest single from a new body of work titled Be Right Back.

This track and an earlier release, ‘Addicted’, will feature on Be Right Back which Smith herself has stated in an interview with NME “It’s called be right back because it’s just something I want my fans to have right now, this isn’t an album and these songs wouldn’t have made it.”

It’s refreshing to see an artist consistently giving her fans more and it’s evident that Smith is a songwriting machine. After her critically acclaimed 2018 album Lost & Found, she gained global traction and a reputation for exceptional RnB writing and production, going on to feature multiple times on Drake’s playlist/LP More Life.’ Since then, it seems she has been working non-stop on new music, whether on her own releases, or when featuring and collaborating with other artists.

‘Gone’ immediately sounds like quintessential RnB, harkening back to 00’s RnB and soul, featuring a graceful, repetitive piano theme and a funky hip-hop beat recurring throughout this track. Her soft vocals carry so much power in lyrics like ‘Tell me how the world seems to get along without you’  which feels heartbreaking and extremely poignant, especially after experiencing a year of what seems like it’s been filled with relentless loss, sickness and violence.

It’s a song that seems to carry an important message, no matter how it might be interpreted. Ultimately, you can sense the feeling of loss her voice carries without needing to know any context. Any listener will be able to attach a feeling or an experience onto this song, hence why I believe this song is such a timely and powerful release after the struggling year we’ve all been through.

Words: Avril Amber

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