Kai Undrell – Can Of Worms

‘Can of worms’ is the new release from the young up and coming artist Kai Undrell – this is his second release after his well-received release ‘Stargazing’ last year. 

Taking great influence from the likes of ABBA, The Beatles and more specifically David Bowie, Undrell comes from a lineage of musicians within his family – he has followed in the footsteps of his father, thus creating music for the world since 2020. Hailing from the hometown of Chesterfield, or as Undrell describes it, a “working class place”, the town contains a mass of artists, many of which directly inspire his work and creativity on his tracks. 

His piece reflects that notion of ‘working class’ ideals, but is laced with an artistic body, as his work remains simplistic with its instrumentation. However, the impressive use of effects and sampling, mixed with his grungy vocals, allows this piece to shine, and become an outstanding body of work within itself. 

Kai’s introspective lyrics, as well as the acoustic and raw instrumentation, fuel the fire of his unique style, leaving its mark as a respectable indie anthem that people can relax to as well as party to on a dance floor. With only two singles under his belt, this promising artist is sure to have more to come in 2021… You can watch the official music video for ‘Can Of Worms’ below!

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