Lime Cordiale – Nobody Takes Me Seriously

Australian brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach, aka Lime Cordiale, know how to make an infectious beat. According to their bio: ‘rowdy, drunk crowds at house parties and in pubs[…]across Sydney’s northern beaches helped shape the band’s upbeat, quirky sound.’ They’ve been on the scene for 11 years, released three EPs, and one album but insist it’s just the beginning.

Their latest single, Nobody Takes Me Seriously is a remixed cover of a track by eighties New Zealand rock group, Split Enz. It’s part of a dedicated album of covers by various Aussie/NZ artists as an ode to the band, released 30 years after the original recordings. Lime Cordiale’s take on the hit has an unmistakably Aussie sound with its mix of light-hearted surf pop and artful rock stylings.

It’s an audible shrug of the shoulders to the rules of love and being treated badly, echoed throughout the song and perpetuated by a drawn-out, rhythmic instrumental. The line: ‘Nobody takes me seriously anyway’ is repeated no less than 17 times but it’s not boring. In fact, it becomes upliftingly anthemic as an ode to the original, ripe to be chanted by hordes of fans at concerts soon enough.

The boys love touring, keen to return to their beloved live shows around the world as soon as possible. Having already cultivated a huge following Down Under, it seems likely we’ll be hearing them breaking into the Top 100 over here soon.

Words: Arabella Fenwick

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