Litany, Oscar Scheller – Playlist

Oscar Scheller and alt-pop star, Litany (Yorkshire-born Beth Cornell) have teamed up with talented in their latest feel-good release, Playlist. Both Litany and Scheller sing about the potential hidden meaning behind a playlist sent from a crush…

Talking about her inspiration for the track, Litany said: “We wrote this song a couple sessions deep after I told [Scheller] that I was obsessing over this playlist a dude sent to me and felt I was looking for hidden messages, like, ‘OMG, does he love me ‘cos the first song is ‘Girl Like You’ by Edwin Collins?’ But Oscar was like, ‘There’s the song right there.’”

With an ethereal tone, Litany’s lyrics are characteristically personal and expressive, almost like a diary entry. Paired with Scheller’s inventive and well-executed production, the track showcases both their musical talents.

The story is easy to follow, making for a catchy tune, starting with Litany:

Must’ve listened ’bout a hundred times
Are you spelling something out?

After singing their individual perspectives as verses, the duo’s voices effortlessly harmonise for the playful pre-chorus and chorus.

(Both) Now I got your playlist on
Thinking ’bout you with no clothes on
Now I got your playlist on
Until you come over, Imma hit restart

The song has a ‘brightly chilled’ feel to it, like drinking a cold Sprite on a sunny day. It’s ready to be played in parks this summer with vibrant synth pulses and cinched percussion carried throughout. Litany has previously expressed her love of 90s pop hits that surrounded her growing up and it’s clear that much of her music is inspired by the sounds of that era.

Litany is headlining at the Jazz Cafe on June 26th, her first live show since 2019. Tickets are available now.

Words: Arabella Fenwick 

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