Lost Horizons – In Quiet Moments Album

Lost Horizons is a collaboration between Simon Raymonde and drummer Richard Thomas, who’s sound fashions a haunting, low-key indie pop style that combined elements of dance-rock and Bowie-esque singer/songwriter folk. Their debut album ‘Olajá’ featured nearly as many guest vocalists as tracks, among them artists such as Marissa Nadler, Tim Smith (Midlake), and Ghostpoet. Titled Ojalá, it arrived in November 2017 on Raymonde’s own Bella Union label, which was then celebrating its 20th year.

Lost Horizon released the second half of their 16-track album, ‘In Quiet Moments‘ on February 26th. This album is a follow up to ‘Olajá’ in 2017 and certainly confirms their creative force. The musical culmination of the pair brings a wealth of sonic flavour in their second album together, Simon Raymonde having been a member of the ‘Cocteau Twins’ in the 1980’s and 1990’s, while Richard Thomas was on the drums for ‘Dif Juz’.

The duo of Raymonde and Thomas have created instrumental tracks where the guests thrive, featuring both contemporary artists and new talent. Nubiya Brandon of ‘The Hempolics’ features in the urban-soulful ‘I Woke Up With An Open Heart’, while Tim Smith returns in the melancholy track, ‘Grey Tower’. Dublin artist Gemma Dunleavy, who is typically more familiar in R&B sounds, exhibits an impressive vocal range in ‘Linger’.

In Quiet Moments is an explorative listen permeated by themes of rebirth and death. These themes explore how perhaps people have retreated into their lives, left with quiet moments, which we can reflect on the world; boasting an hour and fourteen minutes of careful well-curated guest appearances with strong lyrical belief.

You can check out and stream the full album below…

Words: Diane Burke

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