Marsela – Dark Days

In her second single release ‘Dark Days’, British-Albanian singer-songwriter Marsela flaunts her effortless, silky, jazz vocals and adept songwriting. With rich elements of elegance and mystery, the track wouldn’t sound out of place scoring a James Bond film.  

Dark Days’ features Marsela’s soulful vocals flirting with a flamenco-style riff and smooth bassline. The track explores coping with life’s difficulties and the pain that adjoins romance, with barbed lyrics:  ‘Now you need another cigarette, all the smoke no flames to show for it’, and the repetitive rhetoric question, ‘What kind of fool do you take me for?’, the track is a storm cloud of emotion, strength and energy, celebrating female vigour and independence. 

With the vibes presented by Marsela’s music, it should come as no surprise she notes icons such as Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse as inspiration. Speaking about the track, Marsela said: 

‘Dark Days is about resilience and perseverance and knowing even if you’ve found yourself in a bit of a shipwreck, or the cards you have been dealt are not great, you can and should always rise!’ 

In a conversation with X-Ray Magazine, Marsela shared her views on contemporary music education, and how studying a postgraduate degree at Cambridge University would help to shape her career: 

‘I am also passionate about music education. It’s a privilege that is not afforded to everyone and that needs to change. This definitely requires a long term strategy. Cambridge because their business ecosystem is incredible. So much is going on, especially in regards to amplifying voices. I’m very excited about it.’

‘Dark Days’ triumphs the blooming talent that is Marsela, and in her own words, presents the listener with a fresh take on soul and jazz, with a bit of ‘skrrt skrrt.’

Words: Benedict Shirley

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