Max Pope – Automatic

“A catchy narrative explores the troubles of a relationship, whilst remaining upbeat and distinctive”

In his first release of 2021, South London singer-songwriter Max Pope teams up with producer Tom Misch to welcome ‘Automatic’ to his collection.

With recognition from the likes of BBC 6 Music and Beats 1, Pope has certainly caught the attention of several establishedmusic lovers as a result of his successful previous releases.

As cool as ever, Pope produces yet another indie bop, similar to the relaxed vibes of HOMESHAKE and Andy Shauf. Continuing to breathe a breath of fresh air into the music scene, Pope’s music is simple yet effective, and is undeniably recognisable, as he paves the way for the composition of toe-tapping guitar melodies.

In an interview with Clash Magazine, following a short hiatus from music, Pope said: “As a kid, the vast team of people around me were very money orientated and were pushing me in very poppy directions. My own style was dismissed and stamped on and it got to the point where I couldn’t write a song without worrying if it was gonna be a hit. I just wasn’t focusing on music for the sake of music anymore. By taking some time to do something simple that requires hard work and see the result at the end of the day, it’s very meditative and therapeutic. I quietly began writing songs again on my own and was learning to love the process of being creative again, and I realised what music means to me and it’s such a huge, powerful thing.”

Pope’s laidback vocals are almost immediate and lull the listener in as they are teamed with a steady drumbeat, and a groovy, reverberated guitar riff. A catchy narrative that explores the troubles of a relationship, whilst remaining upbeat and distinctive, the single proves that Pope’s love for music will always be at the forefront of his work. With both the instrumentation and lyrical element avoiding any over-complication, it ensures that the track is an easy listen and is perfect for our ‘long drive’ playlists. ‘Automatic’ epitomises Pope’s talent for writing soulful guitar pop and continues to showcase that he is only just getting started.

Words: Lauren Whitehead

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