Olivia Dean – Be My Own Boyfriend

East London native Olivia Dean has provided us with a throwback to the mid noughties with her new track ‘Be my own boyfriend’ which launched April 16th with AMF records. The tune gives off early Lilly Allen and Amy Winehouse vibes, which is just what we needed. The 21-year-old is no stranger to penning truthful and to the point tracks, with her previous hits, ‘Password change’ and ‘Crosswords’ – her new song is as honest as it comes.

 ‘Be my own boyfriend’ is a self-love, self-appreciation and self-accepting ballad that teaches us all how important it is to be comfortable alone, “No one can love me the way I can” and “I got me, I don’t need no one” is sung with a relaxed and laid-back bass in the background. The song is slow and moody, but Dean provides a fresh new take on the British female alternative scene.

This is the song to listen to through a speaker in a park with your friends (or yourself) on a hot summer’s day. The chorus, notably more up-tempo compared to the beginning of the song, gives us that perfect spark of energy. Dean is also a strong advocate of inner peace, she sings “lately, I’ve been just what I need, stole my heart and I’m going to be my own boyfriend” in the chorus.

As the song progresses, she compliments and appreciates herself, as she sings: “girl, you look so goddamn good tonight”, this serves as a lesson to us all, the power to be grateful about ourselves is a rare possession, but it is important to have, and Dean portrays this exquisitely well.

You can watch the ‘unofficial’ music video to ‘Be My Own Boyfriend’ below…

Words: Shannon Milmine

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