Once Twice Melody – Beach House EP

Baltimore duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have returned with the first of four EP releases ahead of their eighthstudio album, and upcoming tour.

Once Twice Melody is being released in 4 chapters, each accompanied with a lyric music video. According to Beach House, the project will culminate as: “an 18-song double album…4 Chapters over the next 4 months”.

Why are the songs being released in this format? Legrand and Scally apparently noticed a narrative emerging when the tracks were placed in a certain order; eventually, a full story emerged. “They 100% fit as one overarching, 1-18 story. And so that was part of the discovery of realising that it could be broken into four chapters, but also work as one,” singerLegrand explained to Apple 1 Music’s Matt Wilkinson. “We utilised a lot more of our imaginations, and our editing, and just thinking about it. It didn’t just feel like a regular, like another album of ours, it felt like a larger, newer kind of way of looking at our music, cinematic, literary.” Although it will certainly be bigger in terms of content volume, the album so far recalls many recognisable elements of previous releases.

This first chapter, released last week, includes four tracks that echo Beach House’s familiar, dream-pop sound. The songs are vulnerable, emotional, personal, thoughtful. Using signature atmospheric synth pads, and heavy use of reverb in and around long instrumental interludes, Legrand’s haunting, ethereal drawl glides through each verse presenting semi-coherent, poetical lyrics. Even though it’s nothing terribly different thus far, fans are not disappointed. Three years after their last album, 7, the indie band is welcomed back onto the scene by those eager to wallow in the happy/sad comfort zone the band so reliably and skilfully provide.

Beach House write all their songs together, however, this will be the very first album produced exclusively by themselves,mixed by Alan Moulder, Caesar Edmunds, Trevor Spencer, and Dave Fridmann. It was recorded at studios in Cannon Falls, Los Angeles, and Baltimore.

Stand out track(s): Once Twice Melody and Superstar. Impossible to pick one over the other, both are beautifully cinematic in their production: the lead single feels momentous, and the latter, wildly magical.

Pitchfork sum it up best, saying of the album: “It’s an abstract reflection of a message Beach House have intimated throughout their career: Idyllic moments never last as long as our daydreams.”

Be on the lookout for Chapter 2, due for release early December.

See the full tracklist and release schedule for each chapter below:

Chapter 1: November 10, 2021
1. ‘Once Twice Melody’
2. ‘Superstar’
3. ‘Pink Funeral’
4. ‘Through Me’

Chapter 2: December 8, 2021
5. ‘Runaway’
6. ‘ESP’
7. ‘New Romance’
8. ‘Over And Over’

Chapter 3: January 19, 2022
9. ‘Sunset’
10. ‘Only You Know’
11. ‘Another Go Around’
12. ‘Masquerade’
13. ‘Illusion Of Forever’

Chapter 4 (full album release): February 18, 2022
14. ‘Finale’
15. ‘The Bells’
16. ‘Hurts To Love’
17. ‘Many Nights’
18. ‘Modern Love Stories’

Tickets go on sale November 19th for their May/June 2022 international tour.

Words: Arabella Fenwick 

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