Oscar Scheller – Boys Cry

The title track from Oscar Scheller’s third studio album entitled ‘Boys Cry’ is a self-reflective masterpiece, which opens up a discourse of what it means to be a man in modern times. When describing both his single and new EP, Scheller dubbed his work his ‘manifesto to manhood’. He stated that by openly vocalising his emotions, he believes that he is coping with trauma in a healthier external manner rather than letting it fester within him and his internal monologue.

When discussing the track further, Scheller states that his mission was to reimagine the perception of what it means to be masculine, we have been programmed by society to see emotion as the binary opposition of masculinity, therefore when a man is externally emotional it is seen as almost a shameful experience. Instead, Scheller wants men to find power in their emotions, to use their pain and suffering to grow as human beings in strength, love and compassion for themselves and the world around them.

After working with British Pop powerhouses such as Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama, as both a producer and writer, you might expect Scheller to follow in similar techno pop fashion. However, he is able to carve out his own unique indie sound, that is reminiscent of other artists and yet completely unique to him. Just by listening to his deep, heady voice, you can hear the pain behind every word that Scheller sings, and by the time the song is finished you truly understand just how personal this piece is to Scheller.

So, to all the readers out there who wish to dismantle the notion that boys don’t cry, please go listen to Oscar Scheller’s new single and EP, find power in your emotions and never let anyone silence or shame you into conformity. Official music video below…

Words: James Bickerstaff

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