Peter Fenn – Cadillac Dreams EP

“The singer songwriter genre continues to birth exciting new talent through Peter Fenn”.

In his latest EP ‘Cadillac Dreams’, Peter Fenn emits high school nostalgia, contemporary reflection and heartache. The Californian singer/songwriter has been releasing singles to his Spotify since 2017, and has now treated fans to his first EP. ‘Cadillac Dreams’ boasts Fenn’s impressive songwriting and talent for creating a melody, as well as providing the listener with diverse, chilled out vibes. With a running time of ten minutes, the EP is a short blast of Fenn’s musicianship, and leaves us craving more of his artistry. 

The title track ‘Cadillac Dreams’ explores millennial contemplation, with lyrics drawing upon relatable anxieties: ‘wonder where I’ll be when I’m 75, will I even make it till then? When I look back, I wonder if I’ll be proud, I wanna know.’ Fenn’s songwriting is modest, yet what makes his music refreshing is its relatability and honesty. 

Far Away’ sees Fenn share his heartache with the listener, resulting in a track echoing the feeling of isolation that’s imposed on us by romantic separation, exploring our denial of difficult realities, and the painful awareness of our situation. Peter Fenn’s vocals remain consistent in range throughout his music, however they’re perfectly suited to the mood of the song.

The third track, ‘Next to Me’ is one of the highlights of the EP, with a Post Malone esque hook, the track is a fun listen, with a tight drum beat and Fenn’s lyrics hitting us in the feels, exploring his infatuation ‘I might not make it through the night if I close my eyes and I see you’re not next to me.’ 

In his EP ‘Cadillac Dreams’, Fenn has accomplished a refreshing listen, displaying an emerging talent and knack for writing songs people will listen to on repeat. Through relatable songwriting and catchy riffs, the singer songwriter genre continues to birth exciting new talent through Peter Fenn. 

Words: Benedict Shirley

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