Proper Einstein – Music Is a Universal Language

A heady mix of funky jazzy tones and soothing soft vocals, Proper Einstein’s latest drop is an inspiring yet catchy track that will leave you toe-tapping in no time. Tony Alexander Brown Jr, or Proper Einstein as he is better known, has a truly unique sound; merging styles and genres to create stand-out tracks time and time again since his first album ‘The Musical Genius’, which put him on the map back in 2005. This latest track ‘Music Is a Universal Language so I Can Speak to Anybody on Earth Through My Music and the Reason I Strive to Be a Multi-Genre Artist Is so That I Can Reach All of the Earth to Let People Know That It Is Okay to Be Yourself and It’s Okay to Be Different’ is no exception.

Get lost in a hazy wonderland of dreamy piano tones, buttery-soft vocals and relaxing rhythms. This feel-good tune gives off nothing but positive summery vibes with uplifting funky guitar riffs and a calming catchy beat. Proper Einstein’s signature genre meshing style comes to greet us once more in the form of a psychedelic inspired pop/jazz fusion. But given his passionate motivations, it’s hardly a surprise that this talented artist continues to defy all our expectations. Proper Einstein expresses how he believes “The media is teaching us that we have to look and act a certain way. I want to let people know to keep reaching for their goals despite all odds. I want to inspire people”.

Through his insightful songwriting and impactful lyrics, he inspires all of us to break the mould and empowers us to grow into our true selves – no matter what that may look like. And that is certainly an ambition that we can get down with. Keep breaking those rules Proper Einstein, because we can’t get enough of it. Listen to Proper Einstein – Music Is a Universal Language below…

Words: Holly Gregg

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