Remi Wolf, Dominic Fike – Photo ID

The latest single from Remi Wolf sees the singer team up with Dominic Fike to revamp fan favourite Photo ID. The newcomer’s original single appeared on her 2020 EP “I’m Allergic To Dogs!” and earned her a place on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The new mix sees Fike – the missing puzzle piece – add depth to the indie-pop bop, alongside extra layers of guitar, bass and synth. These slightly swifter tempos cut a minute from the track to keep the tune sharp, short and sweet. The steady drum beat and snappy guitar rhythms make for an infectious and upbeat single, with a retro feel – but undoubtedly good vibe throughout. Psychedelic synth gives the tune an edge that was absent prior to the collaboration and polishes the duo’s toe-tapper faultlessly.

Fike’s backing vocals and added verse consolidate the tune as the funky playlist pick-me-up that 2021 was missing; with Wolf’s angelic, higher-pitched vocals fitting hand in hand with Fike’s urban style to show off their fun and energetic side in both track and video.

The original video showcased Wolf’s creatively strange talents by including CGI clones of the singer appearing to dance in a colourful world of their own. The updated music video sees another unusual yet artistic side to the singer, with her appearing to dance in a large inflatable ball, and later sees the pair brushing each other’s teeth in the mirror.

Both single and accompanying video provide the listener with the full package – a singer-songwriter dream team for modern music. The NME hit the nail on the head when they placed Wolf on This Year’s NME 100 list of essential emerging artists.

Words: Lauren Whitehead

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